Saturday, January 24, 2009

Raw Food Booth at the GoGreenExpo!

Bryan Au and Corin at the GoGreenExpo

Had a really great day at the GoGreenExpo today, after my friend Brian Au of Raw In Ten Minutes invited me to come down and help out at his booth. I'm so glad I got a chance to go, it was a tremendously successful event, incredible turnout, more than I've seen at other similar expos. I got to connect with soooooo many lovely people and help them with some raw food inspiration and really belp promote Brian as well. It was also so inspirational to be around Brian and to see the tremendous response and success he is having. Go Brian! You RAWk! Brian's books and knives are amazing, and he will give you the best deal anywhere at his site, so go check him out! Brian and I will be throwing an Elements For Life Superfood Party in the near future! Contact me through this contact form on my main site if you want to be on the invite list.

Mariel Hemingway spoke and promoted her new book at the event today, which looks like it has a really great message, unfortunately she said a few negative words about raw food, which I felt was in poor taste considering she was telling her audience to go green starting with making your body a temple. She was trying to look for a more universal message, so she is even supporting meat. I think she has made a poor choice, although I understand she is looking for universality to get her message across, because people of course don't want to hear that they should stop eating meat or clean their colon out so raw foods don't give them gas. Other than that, as I said, her new book carries am important message.

Going Raw Vegan is definitely the most important choice a person could make to be "Green," because eating is a choice we make several times a day , everyday, so this choice thus has tremendous affects on the environment through how the food was grown, transported, processed, and the trash it created. Eating Raw Vegan reconnects you to nature, stops the trash cycle, and then of course doesn't support the meat and dairy industries, one of the biggest sources of pollution and ecological destruction we've created. It also gives people the greatest aweareness of how and why to eat locally and organic.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Raw Ice Cream!


Get your Raw Cashews first!

I just returned our new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and got a vegetable washer instead. One, we don't ever make ice cream for ourselves, it is somewhat antithetical to a raw life, as freezing fruit and other ingredients takes away a lot of the natural qualities of the original food and the cold affects the colon for sure. I LOVE my vitamix smoothies way more than cold ice cream!

Now don't get me wrong, I am totally into everyone enjoying raw ice cream for sure if that really does it for them, but for me it wouldn't be something I would take the time to do more than once a year, or for special dinner parties etc... And what's cool, is I have the the world's coolest juicer, and as Alex mentions, I will simply freeze it in ice cubes and put it through my juicer, which makes the smoothest most incredible ice cream. For sorbet, just put your favorite frozen fruit through the right kind of juicer with the blank screen attachment, and you will have the best sorbet ever!

Greenstar Juicer

I have owned the same Greenstar juicer for 10 years, since I first went raw, and it still works excellently. Mark and I make amazing green concoctions with it. We call them magic potions! Other juicers and blenders with fast rotating blades can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables due to the heat and the impact produced in the operation of the machine, so the kind of juicer you own does matter.

With your Green Star juice extractor you can minimize the loss of nutrients because of the unique triturating Twin Gear feature which is an impeller press system.Its powerful low r.p.m. turning speed generates virtually no heat to your juice and thoroughly crushes and presses fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pepsi's Raw?

If you didn't already think RAW FOODS are the newest/oldest trend coming to a theatre near you.....well check this out...they're so popular now that even Pepsi is trying to get on the bandwagon...

This drink will initially only be available in the UK in select bars. This is a perfect example of why I like the term LifeFoods so much more than Raw Foods, because raw could mean just about anything. Raw Caramel Coloring is not even raw, it's just another word for corn syrup, and how they hide the corn syrup in this new drink. It's all such a joke, but still, it does show that we raw foodists are on to something nonetheless, that even Pepsi is forced to invent something to try to be part of this massive movement.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cleansing Green Drink

My husband, Mark Stephenson, wrote this about the incredible cleansing green drink I've been making for years in a Greenstar Juicer:

We made an amazing juice yesterday, a true potion of extraordinary deliciousness and benefit.

We combined:
  • several pieces of kale
  • several pieces of collard greens
  • several pieces of dandelion greens
  • a large handful of parsley
  • a handful of cilantro
  • a whole peeled lemon
  • a chunk of ginger
  • two small fuji apples
  • lots of celery
  • half a cucumber
I think that's it.

The result was an amazing concoction of pure green goodness. Drinking it brought about a deep, peaceful, yet vibrantly energetic energy into my body. This is part of the beauty and the power of eating a living food diet: the wonderful dichotomy of stillness and energy, both present in abundance. Read about the juicer we use for maximum nutritional benefit in Corin's Raw Ice Cream blog above.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Morning Stamina Smoothie

Morning Stamina Smoothie
  • 1 large local apple or 2 small ones
  • 2 dried calimyrna figs that I have soaked, rinsed, and stored in the freezer
  • fresh blackberries/raspberries/blueberries from the farmers market 1/4 cup
  • 1 T Chia Seed
  • 1/2 of an Avocado
  • Sometimes Almonds, these days I like apricot seeds that have been soaked, whatever I do use though its only like 10 nuts or 10 seeds
  • Handful of Sunflower Green Sprouts
  • 1 T Sun Warrior Activated Barley
  • 1 T Spirulina Flakes with Lecithin
  • dash of cinnamon powder
  • sometimes 1 Tbl. Goji Berries that have been soaked
  • Optional: 1 tsp. Maca Powder,  1 Tbl. of Lecithin Powder (Lecithin makes every shake better!), and 1 Tbl. of Rice Bran Solubles (for max tocopherol antioxidant protection!)
After all, the whole point of a morning smoothie is to get a lot of superfoods into you  for the next several hours, keeping you fed and going throughout the day!

This smoothie and a 45 min. walk on the beach with the cutest puppie ever made my long work schedule today sooooooo much better!


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