Monday, June 20, 2011

Today's Food Journal and Adventure into 80-10-10

I've just started practicing with low-fat, high fruit content in my diet, and slowly I hope to include even less nuts then I had today and more fresh fruit instead (all nuts and seeds have been soaked):

Breakfast: 1/2 of a small watermelon and one orange blended and drank-
after that: Green Juice (chard, kale, collard, cucumber, ginger, apple, celery, beet juiced)
2nd breakfast/early lunch: smoothie with 2 peaches, 1 apricot, 7 strawberries, broccoli sprouts, 1 Tbl. of hemp seeds, 1 Tbl. of chia seeds, 1 Tbl of Tocotreinols, mangosteen powder, today I allowed myself 6 almonds (normally I wouldn't with all those seeds)
Lunch: Large bowl of Mixed Greens (lettuces and arrugula and spinach), 1/3 cup of chopped basil, 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro,  with 1 cucumber sliced, fresh lemon juice, only 1 tsp. of tahini, less than a tsp of miso, 2 Tbl. of sprouted sunflower seeds, 5 (literally) soaked/dehydrated walnuts, NO OIL.
2 sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat/chia/yam crackers with only 1.5 tablespoons of avocado spread on them as my "butter" :-)While doing this I realized that avocado should be treated like butter! Almost 30 grams of fat in one avocado! 25 grams of fat in one BigMac... 14 grams of fat in a tablespoon of butter. Roughly 3 grams of fat in the avocado I had today. The walnuts and sunflower seed and tahini added another gram.
Snack: 2 organic plums
Late Dinner after an early evening hike: 1 peach, 2 nectarines, 3/4 of a zuchini cut into slices on a plate with 2 pumpkin seeds on top of each slice, 5 stalks of celery, 15 goji berries, 6 strawberries

This way of eating is based on the 80-10-10 idea of 80% fruit, 10% protein, 10% fat, but anywhere between 10-20% fat is still considered healthy. I'm feeling really great doing this, I just have to find a way to get more fresh fruit into my house affordably (and I HATE bananas!) I am going to have to venture out to some wholesale warehouses downtown I think. I remember these types of warehouses in Florida being incredibly awesome, which is where I used to get my boxes of fresh coconuts, but nothing quite like that exists here in L.A. where there is also tons of other fruits and vegetables, everything you can imagine from all over the world in one place. I think all that exists here is independent warehouses only stocking certain varieties of fruits and vegetables from certain areas. I have been to some of those for coconuts etc. But I will have to venture out and at least explore more of those.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What To Do For Radiation Protection

Keep eating a healthy diet!

Looking at a list of what should be consumed for radiation protection is basically just taking a look at what should be considered a normal, healthy diet today. Dr. Gabriel Cousins says if you are eating a healthy diet then the body will take up the good nutrients rather than the radiation. Read his amazing full article in the previous blog post.

Extra Protection for today's toxic world: (Radiation was here before Japan's earthquake).

Magic minerals to help both resist and remove radiation and heavy metals from the body:

1. Black Mica ("Adya Clarity")
2. Zeolites ("NCD")
3. Fulvic Acid

Since the nuclear age begin, radiation has been contained in the ground with zeolites, and Black Mica has been used to clean up radiation. In fact Zeolite AND Fulvic Acid are both derived from Black Mica. Adya Minerals (Black Mica) were and are used in Russia to clean out radiation from Chernobyl victims. Black Mica neutrailzes radiation.

Interview with the inventor of Adya Clarity (super mineral extract from Black Mica) Dr. Asao Shimanishi shows how it cleans out radiation.


Once upon a time, I was involved in the study of discharging radioactive water from nuclear reactors. There was a material that absorbed radioactivity called an ion exchanging body; this material was made from vermiculites, which are a natural ion exchanging body. When this material came to my possession, and I had a chance to study it, I came to realize that vermiculites were actually stones called effervescent mica. Mica found abroad was almost all white mica type, but black mica had more abundant minerals. So I began a search to see where I could find black mica in Japan. I found them in granites. The liquid form of these minerals is the extracted Super Minerals. They were not chemically synthesized. They were just extracted out from Nature as they existed. "

To order Black Mica today go here, to learn more about it, go here.

Other things to consume particularly if you are or know someone near the radiation, but also, just to be a healthy person today! :

Iodine (Nascent and Lugols)
Kelp (Kombu), Dulse, and other seaweeds
Ginseng and Ginko
Fulvic Acid
Chlorella and Spirulina
Reishi Mushroom
Salty Miso's (the best is the soy-free Chick Pea Miso) Miso is effective for detoxifying your body of radiation. During World War II, two hospitals that were located side by side were hit with atomic radiation, in one hospital people consumed Miso and all of them survived while many people in the other hospital that did not take miso died. Miso is rich in vitamin B12 therefore it is suitable for vegetarians who are in shortage of vitamin B12. For best results do not cook miso.
Pink Himalayan Salt
Antioxidants (Vitamin C, Acai, CoQ10, berries, Green Tea, Pine Bark Extract, etc.)
Coconut Products for the thyroid
Ashwaganda-help thyroid deal with stress
Buckwheat for the Rutin (Rutin has strong antioxidant properties. Rutin has also the property to chelate metal ions, such as iron, thereby reducing the Fenton reaction (production damaging oxygen radicals))
EFA's in Marine Phytoplankton and Krill Oil(not vegan)
Therapeutic Grade Tumeric
Vitamin B3 (niacin), B12 and B complex to help to repair DNA damage....check out the best living source B Vitamin Complex here.
Leafy Greens and Sulfur and Chlorophyll Rich Vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cabbage, beet greens, swiss chard, cilantro, parsley, wheatgrass and sprouts, garlic

Dr. Gabriel Cousens on the Disaster in Japan and Radiation Protection

Dear Ones,

As prophesized and actualized, we are in a period of earth changes as demonstrated by the major 8.9 quake that shook Japan, with all its potential radioactive consequences that may effect the whole world. These radioactive dangers include not only radioactive I-131, cesium 137, and potassium 40-42, but also the potential of one of the reactors being a plutonium run. This would be far more dangerous than I-131 and cesium 137. A full plutonium reactor meltdown could kill a significant amount of the Japanese population. Unfortunately it is not clear if plutonium is being used in one of the reactors, and what is happening in general with the nuclear reactors there.

The following disturbing facts about the health dangers posed by higher radiation levels have been gleaned from the international news:

“Chief cabinet minister Yukio Edano said radiation levels near the stricken plant on the northeast coast reached as high as 400 millisieverts (mSv) an hour, thousands of times higher than readings before the blast. That would be 20 times the current yearly level for some nuclear-industry employees and uranium miners. Exposure to 350 mSv was the criterion for relocating people after the Chernobyl accident, according to the World Nuclear Association. People are exposed to natural radiation of about 2 mSv a year. Exposure to 100 mSv a year is the lowest level at which any increase in cancer is clearly evident. A cumulative 1,000 mSv would probably cause a fatal cancer many years later in five out of every 100 persons exposed to it.”

To help you understand the severity of the situation, in the struggle to stop plutonium satellites from being launched from Cape Canaveral, evidence was released to show that an accidental satellite explosion could kill the entire population of Florida. These are, of course, serious consequences that leave us with the question of what to do.

On the physical plane, we know that significant protection against these deadly radiation energies occurs through competitive inhibition. In other words, if the body is taking in natural wholesome elements from certain foods, it will not have space to take in the radioactive elements. The various elements compete at the receptor cites, and healthy food wins every time.

To protect yourself from I-131 poisoning, take 5 kelp tablets daily. The body will absorb the kelp instead of the I-131. Taking 50-100 mg of Idoral daily is more expensive and also more effective.

To protect yourself from cesium poisoning, consume plenty of high potassium foods, as potassium competitively inhibits cesium uptake. Foods high in potassium include avocados, sea vegetables, and leafy green vegetables. I don’t necessarily recommend taking a potassium supplement. These foods should provide all you need to block cesium 137 uptake.

To protect yourself from plutonium poisoning, eat lots of dulse and consume iron from plant sources, namely sea algaes such as spirulina, E3Live, and chlorella, which provide more iron than red meat. Miso soup has also been shown to have a protective effect. NCD, at 10 drops 4 times daily, is excellent for taking almost all radioactive materials out of the body.

Additionally, foods and supplements high in antioxidants, will also help the body cope with these higher toxic levels as radioactive materials cause anti-oxidant depletion and ill health. I recommend taking the products Mega Hydrate and Anti-Oxidant Extreme for maximum antioxidant support. Eating alkalizing food is also good.

Eating low on the food chain is a basic essential principle as well. What we learned from the Chernobyl incident in 1986 was that there was a 900% increase in peri-natal mortality in the Boston area. It was found that the cows’ milk (including grass-fed cows’ milk) contained concentrated radioactive I-131, and the expectant or nursing mothers drinking the cows’ milk inadvertently poisoned their babies. The radioactive pollutions in the environment, such as depleted uranium, become more concentrated higher on the food chain. Dioxin in the environment is found concentrated in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at 200 times a safe exposure level. This is one reason why a live-food, plant-source diet, eating low on the food chain, is the safest and best diet at this point in history and the foreseeable future.

A small point on the level of risk benefit, if you happened to live on the West Coast, all the way to Vancouver, where the peri-natal rate was increased by approximately 50% and in the Boston area by 900%, it would not have been wise to eat animal and dairy products locally. We may have to look at locavore ideologies as secondary to the bigger health issues, as eating locally only yields 11% less CO2 compared with procuring products from around the globe.

For more information on how food can mitigate the effects of radioactive toxins, read chapter 29, “How Diet Can Protect You from the Dangers of Radioactive Radiation” in my book Conscious Eating (North Atlantic Books, 2000).

Additionally, it is helpful to understand that the energies behind these earth changes are “wake-up calls” from God to change our adharmic lifestyles. I urge you to consider these prophetic unfoldings and examine your lives. Make changes that help you to move away from the Culture of Death and into the Culture of Life and Liberation. This includes careful consideration of everything from diet to doing service and charity, and no longer living according to the “relative morality” that has become the world’s standard. It might be useful to return to the basic moralities and ethics shared between all the world’s spiritual scriptures.

Blessings to the evolution of your Whole Person Enlightenment.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens,

M.D., M.D.(H), D.D., Diplomate American Board of Holistic Medicine, and Diplomate in Ayurveda

Monday, March 28, 2011

Exotica Biodynamic Fruit Tree Nursery Raw Food Haven

Check out my new video on this fruitarian haven. Some of you may be interested in helping save this Nursery. Call, go and visit, and see how you can get involved! Peace!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great FREE ONLINE Health Debate Starts Feb. 6th!

The Great Health Debate!

Wow. I haven't been this excited about anything in the nutrition or health world in a while. And that is saying a lot. Well, I guess that's just the way it is with the area of your work/profession. 

The Great Health Debate however is truly an opportunity to get down to the nitty gritty on some of the most important topics that exist in nutrition, and normally you would never hear these people discuss nutrition together because they have such opposing point of views, but since its on the internet, they can't kill each other! Instead, we just get to benefit from all the fire and wisdom!

Well, anyway, I am very excited to listen to these "top dogs" in the nutrition world "go at it." I am most interested in hearing them go back and forth about the vegetarian versus omnivore issue, because I know it is going to really reveal the most important things to think about when choosing which way is right for you.

Personally I'm already on the side of David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Colin Cambell, Joel Fuhrman, and Donna Gates. These guys go up against Daniel Vitalis, Jonny Bowden, Sally Fallon, and Dr. Mercola.

I know most of these educators and pioneers quite well, and have read most of their books, and listened to their teachings over the years, so that is why I can already take a side. Although I have to say, I can't truly take sides, for all of them have contributed significantly to the health and nutrition world, and I deeply respect and appreciate everyone on both sides of the debating!

I am deeply grateful for the work they are all doing, even if I don't personally agree with all of their perspectives 100%.

If it were not for these messengers, then the health movement would not be what it is today. Thanks guys for improving upon the mainstream knowledge flow, always willing to go against the grain and reveal great misconceptions about health and nutrition. You rock and I can't wait to hear the debates!


More on the vegetarian issue in preparation for the debate...

Personally, I think we have to ultimately talk about vegetarianism as a spiritual issue more than a physical one, and maybe Dr. Gabriel Cousens will get into that a bit in his debate with Dr. Mercola. How fun to see two doctors go at it! 

Daniel Vitalis has talked about how the only groups of people who have been found to be vegetarian in our known history, are mainly religious and spiritual people who are trying to control the sexual energy. Well, ahummmm, that is no moot point. But besides the fact that they use it to control their sexual drive, they do it for many other important reasons as well, and this is not even the most important reason that he strangely focuses on entirely. How about in order to practice compassion and deep meditation? I think it is important to ask ourselves why many people in India would die before they would kill an animal. 

Many of these so-called experts expouse the philosophy that no civilization on this planet has been vegetarian. Don't be so sure! There is evidence of ancient Vedic civilizations who were likely vegetarian as well as other ancient civilizations whom, if we knew anything about them, could very well have been vegetarian. Read the work of Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods), Stephen Knapp, and Michael Cremo to dive into this history!

I just think, to quote Shakespeare, that “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy," or in other words, that we are more than physical bodies and there are more possibilities for health and vibrancy than we are aware of in our limited modern, disconnected experience. We also also live within a distorted and masked view of history.

We need to keep our minds open to both possibility and reality. Many of the self-proclaimed omnivores, like Vitalis, base many of their arguments on the supposed fact that natives (like the Native Americans or tribes in South America) ate meat and still do. This is actually not the full truth. Yes, most jungle tribes today eat meat, but Jared Diamond, a Ph.D and popular researcher proved that they just don't hunt that much or eat much meat because animals are so hard to kill. The men like to tell stories that they do, but in reality, they hardly ever kill an animal. Read more about this here. And, if you really want to read some excellent Ph.D work on what Native Americans actually ate, read Native Americans and Vegetarianism by Rita Laws, Ph.D. What will be revealed to you is that Native Americans were primarily vegetarian until the white man arrived. Only one tribe, the Apache, were warrior-like and focused on hunting. Only ONE tribe out of hundreds! 

And yes I own Weston Prices book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and love it as solid, excellent science, and yes I know that whole foods, even with animal foods, are healthier than the modern sad diet of processed, refined foods. However, this evidence does not convince me at all that one, it is not possible to live as a vibrant vegetarian, and two, that it wouldn't be advantageous to do so if you have access to high quality fats and DHA (EFA) (so that it isn't necessary to get them from an animal source). Today we are so blessed with high quality DHA from seaweed sources, as well as high quality fats and nutrition from things like coconut butter, chia seed, hemp seeds, that it is possible to thrive as a vegan. It becomes necessary however to rid ones diet of unhealthy starches and anti-nutrients in order to thrive as a vegan, and this is the lifefood philosophy, most promoted by Annie and David Jubb. It is a raw, vegan philosophy, very similar to Gabriel Cousens science and philosophy of raw foods.

I appreciate the whole-foods philosophy of Dr. Mercola, Sally Fallon, and Daniel Vitalis over the S.A.D diet, and I also respect their choice to eat the way they find best for them, and I love the nutritional myths that they work to dispel. You will see lots of information from Fallon and Mercola on my website. I don't however fall for propaganda that is coming from Vitalis and others who have tried raw vegan for often no longer than 2-3 years and then claimed it didn't work for them, and that therefore 'meat eating must be normal and healthy because natives do it, and because plants have feelings too' (and that it is contradictory to be compassionate to animals but not to plants). I am happy however that such people have found a way that works for them, but lets remember that what is normal and healthy for one, may not be for another, and definitely don't use half truths and poor reasoning to put down vegetarian living, this is just really poor judgment. The most important thing is to never stop asking questions.

I look forward to Gabriel Cousens' debate, because many of us who are vegan do it primarily for spiritual reasons. Health is somewhat relative, while consciousness, karma, and compassion is not. An animal can not be killed compassionately unless it is already dying and in pain and you are simply ending its suffering. Otherwise, it is impossible to both take a life and be compassionate. Those two things are mutually exclusive except in the case I already mentioned where the animal has already been hurt or sick and you are simply saving it from further suffering. 

Just because plants react to us doesn't mean they actually have feelings. Yes, plants can react to energy, as all things in the universe are energetic and react to energy, however, this is totally different than saying that plants have emotions. They are affected by energy, certainly, but they don't have the consciousness of an animal. This is such a silly argument to me though that I'm not going to even get into it further. 

On a second point, there is life energy in plants. By eating them you are bringing that life force in to your being into a continuum of life. There is no longer any life force in a dead animal. There is no continuum there. When I eat a plant, not only is it still alive after I pick it and while I eat it, but I am actually furthering the life of that plant species by continuing to eat it and propagate it. Read Michael Pollans "The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World" to see how plants and humans have such an interconnectedness that we actually partner in each others existence in profound ways.

When you kill an animal you are not furthering any kind of life except maybe your own if you would otherwise starve. But if you are not starving, why would you take the life of another animal who has just as much right to life as you? We just don't need that much energy/nutrition, it just isn't necessary, even if it is a complete paradigm shift to do things differently.

None of this is to say that anyone is wrong or bad for eating meat, or a judgment of any kind on anybody. I have been there and done that and simply made different choices and have been primarily raw vegan for 12 years now. I believe everyone is where they need to be and generally doing what is right for them, and as a nutritionist I help everyone where they are at. I just want to help spread the positive message that it is possible for anyone to be vegetarian, and even raw vegan, and thrive if they want to and have the resources.  We shouldn't just go believing what some "gurus" are saying before looking for the evidence behind their claims. And that is why I am excited about this debate because I hope it will dispel some of the mis-information that is out there about some of these important topics!

Read more... Why A Vegan Vegetarian Diet?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Valentine's Day Offer From Blendtec!

The one thing that EVERYBODY needs for a raw food lifestyle or just a healthier lifestyle period today, is a high-powered blender. Now, because of Blentec's new Wildside container, it's pretty difficult to choose a better blender. Yes, the Vitamix is comparable, but now that the Blendtec has this new bigger jar with a *4 inch* blade, they are definitely more comparable then ever, and in fact, some say that Blentec has finally outdone Vitamix. They say this primarily because this container and blade doesn't overheat the food as fast as the Vitamix, therefore perhaps preserving nutrients, and not oxidizing oils as easily either... AND because this new jar also holds an entire extra quart of liquid than the Vitamix!

For those of you ready to purchase a blendtec, now is a great time, as Blendtec is offering a special Valentine's Day promotion. This offer applies to orders placed between January 31 and February 8. The offer is free shipping on only the Wildside 3-quart ( top left image) and/or the Wildside 2-quart and 3-quart Combo (lower right image).

Enter the coupon code HEART at checkout when ordering either of these two items to receive free shipping! Visit Blendtec's site to place your order before February 8th!

And while you are treating yourself or a lover to this blender for Valentine's, remember to get plenty decadent healthy gourmet chocolate hearts and other raw chocolate for the healthiest chocolate experience ever. Not only is the chocolate unheated and unprocessed, so you aren't getting trans fats etc., but they are full of aphrodisiac herbs and superfoods for the optimal functioning of your whole sexual system!


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