Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Valentine's Day Offer From Blendtec!

The one thing that EVERYBODY needs for a raw food lifestyle or just a healthier lifestyle period today, is a high-powered blender. Now, because of Blentec's new Wildside container, it's pretty difficult to choose a better blender. Yes, the Vitamix is comparable, but now that the Blendtec has this new bigger jar with a *4 inch* blade, they are definitely more comparable then ever, and in fact, some say that Blentec has finally outdone Vitamix. They say this primarily because this container and blade doesn't overheat the food as fast as the Vitamix, therefore perhaps preserving nutrients, and not oxidizing oils as easily either... AND because this new jar also holds an entire extra quart of liquid than the Vitamix!

For those of you ready to purchase a blendtec, now is a great time, as Blendtec is offering a special Valentine's Day promotion. This offer applies to orders placed between January 31 and February 8. The offer is free shipping on only the Wildside 3-quart ( top left image) and/or the Wildside 2-quart and 3-quart Combo (lower right image).

Enter the coupon code HEART at checkout when ordering either of these two items to receive free shipping! Visit Blendtec's site to place your order before February 8th!

And while you are treating yourself or a lover to this blender for Valentine's, remember to get plenty decadent healthy gourmet chocolate hearts and other raw chocolate for the healthiest chocolate experience ever. Not only is the chocolate unheated and unprocessed, so you aren't getting trans fats etc., but they are full of aphrodisiac herbs and superfoods for the optimal functioning of your whole sexual system!

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