Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vegan Author Victimized

Dear Friends,

If you have ever been moved by the integrity of John Robbins’ life, if you have benefitted from his nutritional advice, if you have opened your heart to animals because of his compassion, or if you appreciate how John’s work has helped our Earth, now is a time to give something back. We are.

John Robbins

John RobbiJohn and his family, along with hundreds of charitable organizations, universities, celebrities, and international banking institutions, are victims of Bernard Madoff’s fraudulent Ponzi scheme. The family learned last month that they lost their entire life savings.

John and his wife Deo have always lived frugally. They saved just about every dollar they could. They thought they invested their money safely. But it turns out that their money was stolen and there is little chance they can recover any of it. Now the Robbins family faces a sudden and severe financial crisis.

The Financial Reality

To economize, the family has rented out every extra room in their house and every spare space on their property. Still, it is not clear if they will be able to pay their mortgage or keep the property they share with their son, his wife and their two special-needs grandsons. Both Deo and John’s daughter-in-law Michele have taken extra jobs. Deo has also taken over daycare duties for the grandtwins. While John is writing a new book, it could be years before income emerges.  Meanwhile, a large mortgage looms.

Unfortunately, reports suggest that Bernard Madoff possessed less than 1 percent of the $50 billion in stolen assets, and attorney fees will likely eat up most of that. And while the SIPC insurance fund is providing up to $500,000 per invested account, the Robbins family invested with Madoff through a “feeder fund” comprising hundreds of accounts so it is doubtful that they will receive SIPC funds.

Call to Action for a Man Who Has Changed the World

We know few living people who have had a greater positive influence on our world than John Robbins.  He is a planetary and human wellness pioneer. He has led with ideas that were greeted with skepticism and disdain only to become mainstream common sense.  Thanks to his books, articles, speeches, and non-profit organizations, countless people around the world have changed the way they eat, dress, and relate to animals. His work has saved millions of hectares of tropical rainforest and inspired millions to live with greater compassion and integrity.

John's passion and ability to share his vision through speaking and writing are among the greatest gifts we have witnessed. We offered to send this appeal upon learning of this terrible injustice to a man who has dedicated his life to ending injustice.

How You Can Help

1) Send a check made out to John Robbins: Send it care of his son, Ocean Robbins, at 420 Bronco Road, Soquel, CA 95073, and it will be delivered to John immediately.
2) Send a gift directly through PayPal. This enables use of credit card donations as well as wire transfers.

3) If you are considering a major contribution and need more specifics or ideas, including possible tax-deductible gifts to a non-profit organization in support of an award and/or fellowship for John Robbins, then:CLICK HERE to send a message directly to the Robbins family.

While we are saddened that theft on a grand scale has visited John and his family, we are happy to pay him back in small measure for all he has given to us through his work and his life example. Thank you for making the most generous contribution you can for an extraordinary man.

With appreciation and love,

Marianne Williamson, Dr. Dean Ornish, Julia Butterfly Hill, Joanna Macy,
Van Jones, Paul Hawken, Nina Simons, Tom Gegax,
Lynne Twist,John Steiner and Margo King, Jeff Nelson, and Patti Breitman

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