Thursday, August 27, 2009

My favorite new raw food dips....

These are my favorite new raw dips that you can get at health food stores in my area. Love them! Then we had to make new crackers to go with them, so I did my famous flax cracker recipe from my eBook and added some raw purple corn. They are INCREDIBLE!

I did about an hour and a half of serious gardening today in 100 degree heat, (global warming anyone? was 130 degrees in palm springs yesterday), so i was hungry and these dips with crackers hit the spot.

We just found the purple dip, it is a new flavor by a company we love, and I never would have thought of putting the ingredients together- but it is so delicious.

Here are some links for the dips!

Macadamia Tickled Cabbage Spread and Dip
Raw Basil Arrugula Pesto from Back to Life
Raw Vegan Gourmet Artisan Cashew Milk Cheese (This is soooo delectable and creamy! They ferment it with probiotics and it taste JUST LIKE cream cheese or sour cream dip! We tried the Peppercorn version this time that you see in the image. I couldn't find a link for this one, sorry.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What to eat instead of a banana in your raw food smoothie

Here is my first video creation for you. Let me know what you think by leaving comments on YouTube and rating there as well! Also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will be notified when I post a new video, as I will not be emailing every time I create a new video:-)...

This is just my first video about something kind of silly, but hey, sapotes are in season and I had them around! White sapotes are sooooooo much better than bananas....they are also known as "the chocolate fruit" because they taste like chocolate. They sweeten and thicken a smoothie much better than a banana too. Good luck finding them in your area. More coming soon! I am trying to finish my book right now which is first priority, but expect more fun videos by next year. Thanks everyone for taking the time to subscribe to my youtube channel and rate the video.


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