Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Diet's and Protein Diets Don't Work

Dr. Ragnar Berg was a famous Swiss authority on nutrition and biochemistry. He also won the Nobel Prize. He was also one of the world’s top authorities on the acid - alkaline balance of foods and how this balance affects the body. Dr. Ragnar Berg (1873 – 1956)

The Acid Binding / Acid Forming Tables I go by are called BERGS TABLES
In those tables rock candy and sugar cane are extremely acid binding. Sugar beets and other root vegetables are also acid binding according to this chart.  Alcohol (wine and champagne, not beer) is also acid binding. Thus it makes sense that we would crave sugar, alcohol, and cooked starches after eating an acidic meat meal. These would help bind some of that acid, even if, as is commonly know, white sugar and alcohol and cooked starches are ultimately acid forming long-term. I mean, do you ever crave a beer while you are eating a heavy meat meal? Probably not! Wine though, now that would feel good right?


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